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September 26, 2015
Another unbelievable event. Your guys were incredible. Thank you!
Tracey Rabinowitz (Wade's Bat Mitzvah) 

August 8, 2015
Omar was fantastic! He kept the party going the entire night. I am not sure who had more fun, the kids or adults! Thanks for a great night!
Leigh & Matthew Nathan (Rachel's Bat Mitzvah)

May 30, 2015
Y'all put on a great show! We would love to have you back and we will be sure to recommend you to others!
Casey Brazil (Loews Vanderbilt Hotel Nashville)

May 21, 2015
Oh my gosh!!! Thank you for being at Mountain View yesterday for our 5th grade party. Jamal was awesome!! The kids were totally engaged and had a blast!
Michele Franklin (Mountain View Elementary School)

May 15, 2015
My daughter's biggest concern going in was that she wanted everyone to dance. About 20 minutes into the party she came up to me with a huge grin and she said "Everybody's Dancing & having a great time!" It was perfect!
Stephanie & Jeff Schiele (Maya's Bat Mitzvah)

May 6, 2015
It is with heartfelt thanks that I express my appreciation for the entertainment that VIBE so graciously volunteered. It helped make the event one of the most memorable ever! I appreciate your willingness to give your valuable time and to express the gratitude I feel. The Entertainment will always be a significant part of the event and will help me to always remember the evening as one of the most successful in the history of Temple Emanu-El. Words can barely express the thanks you deserve.
Rabbi Scott E. Colbert, Temple Emanu-El

May 6, 2015
Everything was amazing and Kahlil was incredible! We had the best night! Thank you for everything!
Tracy Kurzweil (Jennifer's Bat Mitzvah)

April 25, 2015
Jamal you did a great job with a different kind of a crowd, but glad we were prepared for that. Darcy and her friends had a wonderful time; the family was extremely happy, and that's the most important thing. Loved working with you and your team again; it was a lot of fun.
Karen, Your Party by Karen (Darcy's Bat Mitzvah)

April 18, 2015
Jamal always puts on a great party! His energy is awesome and he knows how to get a crowd - Kids and Adults - going and having a great time. We used Vibe and Jamal for both of our mitzvahs and wouldn't change a thing!
Julie & Jeff Crow (Evan's Bar Mitzvah)

March 21, 2015
Saturday night was awesome. You guys did an amazing job. We could not have asked for anything more. The song set was right on point and the "Old School" last 30 minutes was a perfect way to finish. Also, Jamal thanks for having my back on the Kiddush and doing the blessing! I didn't realize I had forgotten it in the moment, thanks for handling it! Please feel free to use us as a reference. Twice now you have "killed it" for us!
Brad Elster (Chloe's Bat Mitzvah)

March 14, 2015
Just wanted to thank you and your team again for your great work Saturday night. We all had fun!
All the best,
Mike Cohen (Jamie's Bat Mitzvah)
We Love Vibe! You always do an amazing party and everyone has fun!
Lisa Cohen (Jamie's Bat Mitzvah)

February 28, 2015
Everyone at our party had a blast! We received so many compliments!
Jill & Rob Natkin (Leah's Bat Mitzvah)

February 28, 2015
Hi Brenda - once again, Vibe Entertainment killed it!  Kahll and hi DJ and two dancers did the most wonderful job at Hayden's party on Saturday afternoon at Villa Christina.  We're recovering over here!  Thanks to all of you fo rmaking the party truly great!! Kahlil is the nicest and most professional guy in the world.  It is evident how much of a desire he has to please the client and infuse the party with energy and enthusiasm.  His sense of timing regarding what is coming next is excellent.  I so appreciate all the hard work the team put in.  I don't know many people who can work that hard for 4 hours straight with no breaks!  Y'all are amazing.  A big thanks you to all of you from the Sample family.  We had a blast at our party thanks to you! Please share this with Kahlil.  Until next time, my friends at Vibe...
Love to you all, Alison Sample

February 21, 2015
Great Party! We and Everyone else raved about our party. Phili and friends were the Bomb! Thank you!
Enrique & Kerry Seir (Jeremy's Bar Mitzvah)

February 21, 2015 
The whole crew did an excellent job maintaining the high energy and the children (mainly pre-teens) excited and energized! They did an awesome job with the flow of the party and were very interactive with ALL of our guests! Thanks!
Cindy & Brian Culver (Katrina & Rachel's Mitzvah Party)

February 21, 2015 
Once again - Thank you sooooo much for making our event better than we imagined!  We love Jamal!
Alane & Andy Levy (Sadie's Bat Mitzvah)

February 14, 2015
Yes, Yes, Yes ----
Outstanding young men :)  Excellent
Theresa Barnett (Jeremy's Bar Mitzvah)

February 14, 2015
Kahlil was fabulous!  He kept the party constantly flowing.  The guests had a fabulous time, along with the
Bat Mitzvah girl, Rebecca!
Nanci & Adam Shafran (Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah)

February 7, 2015
Philly was awesome!  Great DJ
Faye & Paul Cohen (Joshua's Bar Mitzvah)

February 7, 2015
Vibe Entertainment did a great job overall! :)
Randy & Ken David (Lila's Bat Mitzvah)

January 31, 2015
Thank you for providing great entertainment :)
Bonnie & Jordan Greenbaum (Harris's Bar Mitzvah)

-November 1, 2014 -(MC Kahlil)
Everyone who attended Aaron's party said this was THE BEST Party - all because of the engaging and motivating VIBE folks.  Iknew this was the MUST - HAVE part of the party.  VIBE was a "no-brainer" decision for us!
Allison Weil (Aaron's Bar Mitzvah)

-November 1, 2014 (MC Jamal)
Jamal and VIBE did a great job.  The dance floor was full the entire night.  We could not have had the party we had without VIBE.
Lauren Berger (Evan & Lindsay's B'Nai Mtizvah)

-October 25, 2014 -
On behalf of CCC and all the children that attended the Festival on Sunday,  THANK YOU!  We really can't ever say in words how much we appreciate you doing CCC's events!  it is because of people like you that make it possible for us to do what we do,  And as always...YOU ROCKED IT!  Everyone had a blast and of course we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!

Thank you and we look forward to working with you again at Amy's Holiday Party!  Oh and this weekend at the Dunwoody Country Club!

-October 18, 2014 (MC Jamal)
Already recommended you to several families.  As soon as I get the date for my younger daughter's Bat Mitzvah I will be in touch!
Dana Aronson (Lauren & Spencry's B'Nai Mitzvah)

Excellent Job!  Many Thanks!
Julie Cohen (Lauren & Spencyr's B'Nai Mitzvah)

-October 18, 2014 (MC Kahlil)
Kahlil made our party a complete success!! I highly recommend VIBE!
Lorraine Price (Sarah's Bat Mitzvah)

-October 11, 2014 (MC Omar)
Omar, Terrance, Torpedo, and Shimri made Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah the BEST!
Stacy Fox (Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah)

-September 20, 2014 - (MC Kahlil)
Kahlil & Victor were Amazing!  From the moment the party started to the last song they had the crowd dancing!
Christine Kaufman (Ellie's Bat Mitzvah)

-September 13, 2014 -(MC Omar) Charleston SC
You made the party!  Kids were on the dance floor smiling & having fun from start to finish.  Great Time!!!
Eric Krawcheck (Katie's Bat Mitzvah)

-September 6, 2014 - (MC Jamal)
Jamal and his team were outstanding!!  From contract to clean-up Vibe was professional and delightful to work with.  Thank you for making an incredible party!  Tina, Dan, Jacob & Noah
Tina Budnitz - Jacob's Bar Mitzvah

- August 23, 2014 (MC Jamal)
Greg, Eric and I want to thank you all for making Eric's party Saturday night such a huge success!  Thank you so much!  Awesome night!
Carla Stern Malever (Eric's Bar Mitzvah)

-August 23, 2014 (MC Omar)
Everything was excellent!
Karen Lampkin (Spencer's Bar Mitzvah)

-August 16, 2014 (MC Philli)
Thank you for your wonderful work!  DJ Philli was terrific- we had lots of compliments.  The night was so fun thanks to your skilled workers and great planning.  Please thank everyone for me.
Elisa Ettinger (Olivia's Bat Mitzvah)

-August 16, 2014 (MC Jamal)
All I can say is WOW!!!!
Everyone is still talking about it.  Jamal and Vibe did an amazing show.  Surpassed expectations by a million times over.  Shayne said it was the best time of his life.  our duaghter Jordynn's Bat Mitzvah is in 3 years and she has already told us she wants Jamal and Vibe.  Thank you for an amazing day.
Andrew & Angie Snyder (Shayne's Bar Mitzvah)

-June 13, 2014 (MC Jamal)
Jamal and Torpedo and company did an amazing job.  Everyone at the affair couldn't stop raving about what a great DJ we had.  And people noticed that the entertainers were on the dance floor and smiling and engaging with everyone the entire time.
Even before they were contracted to start, they were keeping our little ones entertained as we worked through pictures.  They really went above and beyond.
See you guys in Feb. 2017 for Alex's big day; if not before for other events.
Best regards, and thanks again,
Glenn and Alyson Levin

-June 28, 2014 (MC Kahlil)
Great party- music kept everyone involved and "DANCING ON THE CEILING"
They were the BEST!!
Martin Saltzman

-June 7, 2014
Philly was amazing & we are STILL receiving compliments about the entertainment!  VIBE is worth every penny & we can't wait for our next son's Bar Mitzvah in 2016!  We will absolutely be caling VIBE!
Vanessa Morse (Kyle's Bar Mitzvah)

-March 29, 2014 (MC Kahlil)
Cindy Getty

-June 10, 2013 (MC Jamal)
Dear Brenda,
Thank you doesn't seem to scratch the surface! Jake's Bar Mitzvah celebration was beyond what we had imagined - and so much of that is due to the best Emcee in town, Jamal. Ric and I met Jamal when we were photographing a party he was running. After seeing him in action, we told him that he had to Emcee our son's Bar Mitzvah - in 2013. And, truly, when we got Jake's date a few years back, Jamal was our first call. We had not thought through a single detail of the party, other than we knew Jamal had to run the show.

Jamal's energy and excitement and love of what he does was so contagious. It permeated through the room, and you couldn't help but enjoy yourself when he was up on stage. He selected a great balance of music for the kids and adults, based on our very specific input. DJ Ian was fantastic, as were Torpedo and Alana. They were involved, but subtly, so thy were helpful and fun, but not intrusive. 

We've photographed and attended far too many events where kids are on the dance floor, and the adults are standing around observing and not participating. This just didn't happen at Jake's party, and we attribute much of that to Jamal's style. Many of our friends and family commented that night, and also over the next few days about how fantastic Jamal was. About how approachable and likable he was, and how he helped make the party fun.

We couldn't agree more! We so appreciate all that your amazing Vibe team did to help create the most incredible night for our family. It is a night we'll never forget, and it would NOT have been the same without Jamal and his team.  

Warmest Regards,
Barrie & Ric Mershon
Ric Mershon Photographers 

- May 18, 2013 (MC Kahlil)
Fabulous party! The Pavallion Manager said it was the best party there. 
Joan & Jon Marks - Daniel's Bar Mitzvah 

-May 11, 2013 (MC Omar)
Excellent Party! 
Lauren Poisson - Emily's Bat Mizvah 

-May 1, 2013 (MC Russell)
Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed having Russell as the DJ at our Camp Hope party. Our "campers" loved the music he played and really danced the entire time. We'd love to have him back again next year!
Marianne Askew - Camp Hope Event 

-April 27, 2013 (MC Omar)
Omar was absolutely fantastic!!! I loved it, Kassel loved it, the kids loved it, everyone LOVED IT! Omar kept the party going every minute. I had so many compliments and even just a text from a mom telling me that her son had such a great time and thought the DJ was awesome. I will definitely be passing her your way. So in 2 words... Thank You Vibe! 
Valerie Kassel Jr. - Leventhal Kassel

-April 20, 2013 (MC Omar)
From the moment we arrived, to the last minute Omar was on top of every detail. He made sure we were completely taken care of and happy! Even when there was a glitch unrelated to Vibe, Omar stepped in to help. They were unbelievably fun, helpful, and helped make the party fantastic. It felt like part of our extended family.
Julie Benveniste - Maci's Mitzvah Party

-April 20, 2013 (MC Philli)
From the initial booking, to the planning stage, to the close of twins' B'nai Mitzvah party, the Vibe team was professional and absolutely expert in entertainment. Jamal & Brenda provided excellent direction as we planned the party and your suggestion to add a dancer was right on. Philli was engaging and kept the party rockin' from start to finish. Q (dancer) had people, ages 7-79, out on the dance floor and he even taught some experienced young dancers a move or two! The music mix was excellent and appealed to all of our guests at some point in the evening. We received rave reviews from so many people and a few of the young guests told us it was, "the best night of my life." It doesn't get much better than that. Thanks to the Vibe team for making an ordinary party "extraordinary." We'd happily recommend you to anyone. Thanks for everything!
 Bobby & Susan - Lexi & Zach's B'Nai Mitzvah Party

-April 13, 2013 (MC Jamal)

We had an extraordinary time at the party! Kahlil was an awesome DJ... All of the kids are saying this was the best party they have EVER been to... They had so much fun. The music was appropriate, well timed, the program and announcements were just right, the volume was right, and we were so pleased with Kahlil for letting the kids dance just a little bit longer when 11:30pm finally came and the party ended. They just didn't want to go home! 
Laverne Poindexter - Kaitlyn & James Birthday Party

-March 24, 2013 (MC Kahlil)
Wonderful, wonderful party. THank you so much, you did such a great job and we had an amazing time. You had the party rocking with both young and old, having such a great time dancing the night away. Thank You. 
Stacey & Ari Kowalsky - Gidon's Mitzvah Party

-March 23, 2013 (MC Omar)
Overall, we were very pleased with Vibe, and in particular Omar. He not only did a wonderful job with the music, he was like having another chaperone -- Certainly a plus when the event is a school dance. Many thanks Vibe!
Kathy Larkin - The Pace Academy's 8th Grade Dance

-March 23, 2013 (MC Jamal)
Jamal was awesome. Thank you so much for helping us out with this great cause. The kids had an amazing time! 
Justin Blake - KEFTY's Casino Party at Temple Kol Emeth

-March 23, 2013 (MC Kahlil)
They were awesome and helped make our party a success!! Thanks! 
Elana & Todd Miller - Cara's Mitzvah Party

-March 17, 2013 (MC Jamal)
Jamal was amazing!!! My cousins in California all called to say how great the music was. Everyone commented to me about Jamal and how he worked the crowd!! FANTASTIC!!! Of course we had a group of kids ready to throw down! For any party any time - I would want Jamal. 
Natalie Fisch - Sigi's Mitzvah Party

-March 16, 2013 (MC Philli)
Thank You very much for a great party. 
Marla & Ralph Grosswald - Rachel's 

-March 9, 2013 (MC Kahlil)
Very pleased with services. 2nd time we used them and they were great! 
Elizabeth & Brad Winer - Benjamin's Mitzvah Party

-March 9, 2013 (MC Jamal)
You guys were awesome from start to finish! Well organized... No detail forgotten! My daughters friends all said you were the best DJ's EVER! Thanks for making the party spectacular! I will refer anyone that asks! 
Alisa & Jimmy Nadler - Carly's Mitzvah Party

-March 2, 2013 (MC Omar)
Angela & Victor Zubar - Sarah's Mitzvah Party

- February 26, 2013 (MC Jamal)
WOW! WOW! WOW! Wanted to let you know what a fabulous time the kids (and adults!) had at the Purim Carnival yesterday Chris and Jamal were great and I can't thank you enough for helping make the event so successful.

-February 23, 2013 (MC Jamal)
Thank you guys for everything! Jamal, you worked way hard to get the party going despite the conditions. Thank you! 
Mical Llai & Rabbi Rau - Ohad's Mitavah Party

-February 18, 2013 (MC Kahlil)
Kahlil and group did a fantastic job at the Newmans. He was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with Vibe again soon! You guys rock. 
Randy Newman - Kyle's Mitzvah Party

-February 18, 2013 (MC Jamal)
Everything was amazing!
Melissa & Michael Bernstein - Zack's Mitzvah Party

- February 9, 2013 (MC Kahlil)
Just want to thank you, Kahlil and Jamal for another wonderful Mitzvah party. Saturday night was great fun for all. Jamal and Torpedo did a fantastic job keeping all guests (young and old) dancing the night away. Adam said his party was awesome. He has been walking around the house wearing Torpedo's hat for two days. Tell him I think it has turned out to be his favorite Bar Mitzvah gift of all. 
Lauren & Selwin Sturisky - Adam's  Mitzvah Party

-February 9, 2013 (MC Jamal)
So glad that we hired Vibe! Jamal kept the kids on the dance floor the whole night. He also kept us on schedule and made sure that our party went just as we planned. The music was great and the dancers were a lot of fun. We are so thankful that you were the entertainment for our party. One of the very best decisions we made!
Robyn & Scott Ripps - Emma's Mitzvah Party

-January 19, 2013 (MC Philli)
Jody & Eric Nathan - Mallory's Mitzvah

-January 19, 2013 (MC Kahlil)
Vibe did a great job! No complaints. Think DJ makes or breaks the party. They definitely made it!
Deb & Danny Pralgo - Jake & Max's Mitzvah Party

-January 12, 2013 
It was amazing!!! Your staff was so great! They made sure everyone had a great time. I will call you soon to rave about them live!! Thank you so much for donating your services, the night could not have been such a great success without you!!!
Rachael Goldberg - Epstein Father/Daughter Dance 

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